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Nestling in the shelter of the

Sperrin Mountains,

just north of Omagh,

is a Stone Barn and Cottage.

 The home of Tyrone Ceramicist

Michelle Butler.

 From her barn studio Michelle produces exquisite, rustic, original ceramics.



   Michelle is a design graduate of The Falmouth School of Art.  

Since graduation she has specialised in the design and

production  of  Ceramics. 

She has been producing her unique brand of Irish Ceramics

since December 1998, when she started her business in the

Omagh Enterprise Centre.

Then in 2005, she established Sperrin Ceramics Studio in

the refurbished Stone Barn at her home.





 Michelle has developed a unique

style which reconciles the influences

of primitive Celtic Art and forms.    

All pieces are hand crafted from a

textured stoneware clay. 

Her signature finish of rich metallic

oxide adds both depth and lustre.

 The use of a variety of glazes adds

to the pattern, relief and overall

effect, creating ideal ceramic gifts.







 Michelle's Jewellery is an

embodiment of all these

influences in smaller exquisite


  A smoother whiter stoneware

clay is used for these beautiful,

smaller items to give increased

detail and charm.






















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